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Welcome to My Blog !.I am Currently working as MS SQL DBA with 3.7 years experience in a reputed company.I love writing TSQL queries and making them run faster…I spend part of my day in stack overflow where experts answer and which is the best way to keep up skills and learn new things .My primary areas of focus are HA technologies,Query tuning..I believe in certifications,below are the certifications i hold currently

Querying TSQL 2012:


Please follow my blog to know more about TSQL,Azure.HA,SSIS,SSRS and things which i came across worth sharing

Please note this views are my own and i would recommend testing any of suggestions before implementing them,in cinematic terms you are in U/A Blog  Parental Guiduance is needed

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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You are an excellent resource Sateesh. Keep up the good work. We appreciate your contributions to the reputed company which you are part of. All the best !!


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