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Trouble shooting log shipping best links

Below is the collection of excellent problems faced by DBAs and solutions to them .

From Paul Randal:

From Bretozar:

Log Shipping FAQ

Log shipping automation:

Suppose you want to set up logshipping for many databases,we can use SQLCMD connect mode to run scripts generated through log shipping.please see below link for more details

how to add users to secondary database:

We can create user on primary and give user appropriate permissions,when backup jobs runs user will be created on secondary too.One thing we have to ensure is we have to create a login with same sid Ā on secondaru too.

This is more of question which i now,I want to link it here since it is from my favourite blogger Remus Rusanu

Log shipping fails when snapshot is created on secondary server in read only mode or which has active replicas

Why did the restore fail on the log shipped secondary database