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what is the risk in allowing SQL to listen on default port of 1433..?why applying service packs as soon as possible as good as possible is best practice.?

Have you ever wondered ,why we need to change SQL default port of 1433 to some other port..?.Why applying service packs as soon as possible is considered a best practice.?

why we should change default ports.?
Because there are some loop holes.Even Amazing software will have bugs and there will be some people who are awesome(Atleast to me) in exploiting this loop holes..

Read this analysis to know how some hackers exploited a loop hole which causes buffer overflow and did some pretty amazing stuff.They had created a WORM (one thing I like  about this worm is …, it fits in a single network packet and doesn’t have any backdoors ..)which caused the entire internet to slowdown by consuming most of the bandwidth available..

This also reiterates why applying Service packs as soon as possible is a good idea ..