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This post is continuation to last post,please go through last post if you didn’t went through.

In this post we shall see how to call a delegates with parameters and without parameter.

Lets declare delegate which doesn’t accept any parameters and one function.

delegate void getnum();

//one simple function

void getnumber()

//now if we want to call delegate ,we should first declare a delegate instance
getnum g=new getnum(getnumber);
g.invoke(); //is same as g();

if you can see we had to pass method name in delegate instantiation and call invoke,which is same as

getnum g=getnumber;

What if we use a function which has parameter..Lets see how to call delegate with this scenario..

delegate int transform(int x);

int square (int x)
return x*x;

//now to call delegate

transform t=new transform(square);

Hope you got some idea on syntaxes of delegates.In next post what is the use of delegates.